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Fishing Report 8/10/22

Like Bob Weir sang in US Blues, "Summertime done come and gone my oh my!" Summer's bartely hanging on but Fall fishing is just around the corner! In fact, our Fall private water spots down in GA are almost gone so reserve those now if you want to catch the Big Boys!

The fishing has been hot, figuratively and literally! Morning and evening have been productive on both Watauga and South Holston Tennessee floats, as well as on WNC wade trips! The TN fish are eating small size 20ish midges, scudds, and similar as well as stoneflies and the ole red squirm. Squirm pretty much works everywhere. Streamer fishing has also been producing! The sulphurs have been best on South Holston in the evening on sunny days but have seemed to slow down a bit recently IMHO. Fished TN 9 out of the last 10 days!

Basically, the fishing is good and only going to get better! Make sure you check out Jonathan at The Fly Box if you are over by the Soho. He's got a great new shop and a ton of local knowledge!

If you love music and fishing checkout Stonefly Fest VII on the Watauga! Link and info below!

That's all for now! Holler if you want to book and Keep on Fishin' On!

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