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2/16/2022 TN Fishing Report

It's no secret that the South Holston River in TN is a world class fishery and fishes very well in the winter months. It has a large population on wild brown trout and boasts over 6,000 fish per mile. We took a group of anglers in hopes of floating and getting on 'em. On the South Holston the float fishing is best on high water or when the dam is releasing. On the Watauga the float fishing is best on low water or when the Wilbur dam is not releasing. Well on this day the Soho has low and the Watauga was high!

We did some wade fishing on the Soho during low water conditions. The fish were spooky and the crowd of fellow anglers were not. We had the best luck on long leaders and a good drift! Lol, JK (kind of). BWO emergers while dry fly fishing and small micro streamers put a few small ones in the net.

After the thrill of mile long casts in windy conditions wore off, we headed over to the Watauga because we knew the water was falling. We fished around town without much sucess then headed to Camp Stonefly. Camp Stonefly is our favorite place on the Watauga. It's an awesome privately owned campground that has great fishing, warm clean restrooms, and tons of overnight lodging/ camping options. It is also home to Stonefly Fest VII which is happening this year Sept. 30 and Aug. 1st. There is a link to Camp Stonefly in our Sleeps & Easts section of the website.

OK we finally got into some consistent fishing around 3:30 pm till dark. The water levels fell and the fishing picked up! We were getting some nice wild rainbows on Frenchie's and Egg patterns! All in all it was a great day exploring the beautiful waters of TN! If you're interested in booking a a trip in TN, give us a ring. Fish On!

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