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3/16/22 Fishing Report - WNC Overcast Adventure

We had a great pair of anglers today! Although they were familiar with fly fishing it was their first-time tight lining! They crushed it!

We rolled up to the fishing spot as a fisherman was clubbing about a 24" rainbow on the head with a rock just as I was wondering why he had the fish out of the water for so long. "I guess we won't be catching that one today, or ever for that matter," I thought to myself. To each his own! BTW that was the only angler we saw all day! I guess the rain kept the crowds away. Carpe Diem.

To reiterate, it had been raining all day, so water levels were up. The fish were active, hungry, and there was an excellent stain on the river. We dead drifted attractor patterns high in the water column to get the attention of the trout. Along with some nice holdovers there were some cool wild fish in the mix as well.

I have never seen 2 anglers new to tight lining take to it as fast as these 2 did! The education gained today was a lot to say the least! Although the sky was overcast, we captured some great smiles in these pics! We've included a video of Rae slinging an absolute "euro bomb" over a rushing current and sticking a nice rainbow! Very impressive for anyone, but especially for a first timer. The fishing is great right now in WNC, so get out there and explore! Stay tight, and Keep On Fishin' On! -BCA crew

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