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WNC Fishing Report - 2/23/22

The guys explored some of Western North Carolina's wild and delayed harvest streams for a few hours on Wednesday afternoon. WNC received a bunch of rain, so the rivers were full and stained. The DH streams did not offer up too many trout. But come March 1st they'll be restocked, and the fishing will be gangbusters!

North Carolina is one of the best places in the southeast to fish for a variety of trout species. Some of the most popular trout species in North Carolina are Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and Brook Trout. While there are many streams in North Carolina with natural populations of Brook Trout, the state has put a great deal of effort into creating incredible trout fisheries by supplementing natural trout populations by stocking tens of thousands of trout annually in various streams around the state. Stocked trout are very vulnerable and are easily caught on basic egg and worm patterns when they are first introduced. In some cases, these freshly stocked trout will hit anything that lands on the surface of the water thinking that it is food. In order to protect these fisheries from being fished out and taken advantage of, many streams across the state are designated as delayed harvest.

The boys did manage to get into an excellent bite on some wild waters. Most of the fish were feeding in the mid to upper water column at the back of large currents. The slightly muddy water was full of freshly unearthed food offerings for the trout to feed on. It didn't take much to full these hungry aggressive fish. Productive patterns were squirmy worm, egg, and perdigons.

Stay tight and Keep On Fishin' On!

BCA Boys!

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