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Beast Coast Anglers is proud to be an official brand ambassador for TroutHunter fishing products. We believe that their leaders and tippet are the best in the industry. These products are durable and conveniently sized in hard to find "half sizes" which allows the anglers to really dial in on their targeted fish. Basically, you can use the smallest diameter line with the maximum strength available. The small diameter keeps you from scaring the fish while delivering your fly in a natural way. The maximum strength increases your odds of getting the fish to the net! Drop the Trouthunter website and check out all of their available products. We highly recommend upping your game with Trouthunter angling supplies!

Check out the link to shop all TroutHunter products!

Fall fishing is in full swing over here in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. If you'd like to book an adventure with one of our professional guides give us a call at 828 318 4065 today!

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