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6/2/22 Southeastern Trout Fishing Report

Although typically not as highlighted as Spring, Summer trout fishing can be very productive and enjoyable! During the past couple of weeks the Southeastern US has seen rising water temps, flooding, and a transition from Spring to Summer insect hatches. June 21st marks the first calendar day of summer, but for all intensive purposes the summertime trout fishing season is upon us!

Be aware of water temps to know when and how to trout fish. Lower 60’s and under the fish are feeding and comfortable. Water temps in the mid 60’s will cause fish to feed less as they are entering survival patterns. Fish heavier line to land fish quickly and avoid stressing them out. It is also important to keep the fish close to the water as possible, handle them as little as possible, and return them to the river as quickly as possible. It is recommended to fish early in the day and to avoid mid day heat. As water temps get above the mid 60’s it is too hot to safely trout fish in our area. The fish are in survival mode and can not recover in the warm water from the stress of being caught. It is recommended to fish the “bluelines” or higher elevation rivers in these situations, or target other warm water species such as smallmouth bass, etc… We do a ton of guided summer wade trips in cool waters. This is an excellent time to book a trip to learn more about the tight line or “euro” nymphing technique.

It rained a lot last weekend and many of the home waters were washed out. However the rain will help the river levels as summer rolls into its dog days. The clarity has finally improved and the fish are biting. It is important to note that this is the last week of trout fishing in NC before the delayed harvest rivers will be open to harvest. Catch & Keep ‘em day looms! After all those stockers are gone come see us to drift boat fish waters that stay cold in the summer or get help targeting wilds in the high country! The private waters we target in GA will be too hot to fish but will reopen in October. NOW is the time to make Fall reservations for GA private water. The spots/ days are limited and will soon be completely booked!

Oh how we love caddis season! Spring hatches have been plentiful but summer patterns are here. A lot of bug life is coming off the bottom. We are having luck with small midges and pupas. Terrestrial patterns are working along with other summertime patterns such as beetles and inch worms.

Smoky Mtn Hatch Chart

We hope this report helps you get on ‘em and enjoy the sport! As always if we can help or you’d like to experience a guided trout adventure give us a call and book it to hook it! Keep On’ Fishin’ On!!!

Beast Coast Anglers

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