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Trout Trout Trout & Free Fly Tying

Hope everyone is getting out on the river before the Spring crowds arrive! Tn is fishing good! Both South Holston and Watauga have been very productive. NC wade and float trips are on fire. The private water GA experiences that we offer are awesome right now. We've been getting rain and that keeps the fish happy. Those trips are only available until June. So, book now if you wanna go! 828 318 4065 Guides are reporting big numbers with some BIGGUNS being caught as well. Bite seems best in the morning and as the temps rise. Once the temps start to fall around 4pm the bite seems a little slower.

What's working? A long leader and a good drift! Seriously though heavy nymphing has been the most productive. If you find one fish you will likely catch more in the same spot. The trout are on the bottom in deep holes. Get weight on those indicator riggs and go deep! Stoneflies, eggs, perdigons, midges, and soft hackles have all been hot, but you have got to get them down! Streamers to the bank are also producing fish especially on high water when the fish are pushed to the edges.

Beast Coast Anglers will be hosting another monthly free fly tying night Thursday Feb 22. All levels are welcome, and this is a FREE EVENT! We want to connect anglers in community and give back to our local WNC fishing friends. The event will be at Diatribe Brewing on Haywood Rd. in West Asheville from 6-8 pm! Know something? Share something. Want to learn something? Show up and connect with advanced fly tyers and anglers!

Many of you know The Beast, Charles Humphrey III plays in Songs From The Road Band an Asheville based all-star bluegrass band. They are performing in Brevard, NC Saturday Feb 17th! It would be great to see some fishermen in the audience! One secret fishing spot revealed with every CD purchase at the merchandise table!

That's all for now. Remember nymphing ain't easy!

Stay bent,

The Beast!

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